As a township in Mercer County, you know Hamilton as a part of the New York metropolitan area. There are nearly 90,000 residents in the area, which lies directly east of Trenton. What does all of this have to do with locksmith services in Hamilton? The safety and security of your home or business can potentially deter property crimes like burglary and theft. As a top-tier locksmith company in the industry, Firstline understands what it takes to make sure you get the security and lock services you need to keep your loved ones, employees, assets, and safer behind closed doors. What’s more, most residents and business owners don’t know that their windows are the weakest point of entry when keeping criminals out. Thus the need for a full security audit for the home or building.

With 25-plus years of excellent workmanship and superb customer service, Firstline understands the importance of residential, commercial, auto, and other locksmith services across Hamilton. It’s time you consider the security of your home and/or business. It’s not enough to hope that the current locks will work. You need to know they will work. And who better to call then the premiere locksmith company in New Jersey?

Residential Locksmith

What comes to mind when you think of your home? Safe, secure, and welcoming are some common thoughts. But what if a criminal decided to break-in to your home? How would you feel about your home then? Maybe you’ve already experience a criminal activity. At Firstline, we understand the unsettling reality that can haunt you after a criminal targets your home for burglary or theft and succeeds. Even in the event the criminal does not succeed, it can be a traumatic occurrence. We get it, and there is a way to deter criminal activity with stronger locks and a more comprehensive security system. Your local Hamilton locksmith can help! Don’t go another night hoping you’re safe. Instead, guarantee your safety! Here are some of our services:

  • Deadbolts Installed
  • High Security Locks
  • Key Duplication (In store only)
  • Lockouts – House/Car/Furniture/Safes/Sheds/Antiques
  • Locks Sold/Installed/Repaired
  • New House Move-Ins/Rekeyed/Cylinders Changed
  • Safes – Recombination/Opened/Repaired/Installed/Sold
  • Security Survey
  • Security Systems/Cameras
  • Service/Repair/Replace Doors
  • Window Locks

Commercial Locksmith

What’s the most important piece to any business? Those running some of the most successful companies around the globe argue about the answer; however, we at Firstline believe its about protecting your assets. Without cash flow, how will you continue to grow your business? That’s why door locks, security systems, and safety measures are imperative to the deterrence of physical criminal activity that can interrupt growth and reputation.

At Firstline, we work primarily in the retail and banking industries. We’ve partnered with various other companies in a variety of industries to help secure buildings, vaults, safes, and more. When it comes to choosing a local locksmith, you can trust Firstline. Our attention to detail and our dedication to our Hamilton community is unprecedented. Here are some of our services based on industry:


  • Same Day Service
  • One-Call/Email/Text Response
  • Same Day Follow-Up
  • Competitive Pricing & Corporate Discounts
  • National Accounts with Over 100 Accounts Serviced Daily
  • Extensive Fleet of Trucks
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Locksmith Company
  • Service 50+ Different Safe And Vault Brands


  • Emergency Locksmith Service Calls Including Store Lock-Outs
  • Door Closers, Floor Checks, and Wind Chains
  • Detex Locks and Exit Devices
  • Lock Changes (Including Making Keys and High-Security Keys)
  • Installation, Repair, and Replacement of Locks
  • Repair, Service, and Replacement of Commercial Door Locks
  • Cash Drawers, Desks, Showcases, and File Cabinets

Local Auto Locksmith

As a comprehensive locksmith company servicing Hamilton, we help residents and businesses with their vehicle lockout needs. Whether you’ve lost a key or locked on inside your vehicle, we can help you regain access. We offer one of the best response times in the industry, and we guarantee satisfaction of our customers.

Why Choose Firstline?

After 25-plus years, we’re pretty confident in our ability to handle any lock or situation our customers can throw at us. We’d even be as bold to say we’re the best; it’s what our customers tell us, anyway. Furthermore, we’ve worked with the following brand names, offering them our comprehensive locksmith services to fulfill their security needs:

  • Citibank
  • Walmart
  • GoWireless
  • Modell’s Sporting Goods
  • Rite Aid
  • RSM Maintenance
  • dancker
  • Lord & Taylor
  • City of Newark
  • The Department of Justice

In need of a professional locksmith in Hamilton? Call Firstline Locksmith today!