The first line of defense when it comes to home security is your door lock and deadbolt. Although your door lock engages with a simple turn of your master key, the deadbolt is what will prevent and deter those attempting to break into your home. With this in mind, how do you choose the right lock system for your front and back door? Your local locksmith team, Firstline Locksmith, has been serving New Jersey for over 25 years, and we want to offer a few tips on how to choose the ideal lock and deadbolt to secure your home.

Which Type of Lock and Deadbolt?

There are two primary types of lock engagements available to a large majority of front and rear doors on a home: the levers or knobs and the deadbolt. When deciding which type of lock to choose, remember that your knob/level is a secondary or backup security measure for your home. It’s important to note that your deadbolt is what will be most effective when deterring break-ins. The Firstline locksmith team in New Jersey highly recommends purchasing both a knob/lever and a deadbolt for your front and back doors to your home.

How to Choose the Best Lock and Deadbolt for Your Home

When it comes to your front door, you want it to look great. It’s one of the many features people see from the street, and they tend to enter the home through the front door, and you probably aim to impress your friends and family. We understand!

However, the team at Firstline Locksmith would like to suggest you approach choosing your next lock and deadbolt, whether motivated by a recent break-in or finishing up new home construction, to start with functionality first and finish with style. The integrity of your front door security begins and ends with your deadbolt.


When it comes to how your lock and deadbolt should function, you first want to identify which doorway you will be securing. In this case, we’re discussing the front door, but there are three types of “doorways” you can secure: privacy, passage, and entry.

The Privacy Door

Typically an interior doorway to a bedroom or bathroom, the privacy door lock uses a knob or handle and a key or push lock to secure closed.

The Passage

This is a “doorway” that does not include a door, but it allows access from one room to another. In some cases, you will find some passageways shaped like archways.

The Entry

Any “doorway” that allows movement from exterior to interior of the home or vice-versa like a front door, back door, or, in some cases, the garage door.

The function of your lock and deadbolt is to secure the doorway. So when you’re choosing a lock and deadbolt, consider the highest security that will fit your door.


Residential deadbolts are available in a range of grades, one through three. Grade one is the highest level of security, and it offers the toughest and best endurance when it comes to deadbolts for your home’s front door. Residential knobs and levers come in grades two and three, and a large majority include keyed entry.


Now that you’ve decided on the best deadbolt and lock for your front door, you can choose your style. When it comes to color matching, accenting, and styling, you may be limited based on the level of security you’ve chosen to commit to. Nonetheless, as long as you start with function and end with style, you will be able to find the best deadbolt and lock to secure your entry doors.

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