It’s been nearly 4,000 years since the first lock was discovered. Near Nineveh in the Khorsabad palace ruins, it’s considered, as of now, the oldest lock to ever be found. The lock was made of wood and functioned to secure the door with a large wooden bolt. The bolt had a slot with several holes, which contained wooden pegs, that prevented it from being opened. This lock preceded the tumbler lock, which is a common lock used today.

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Locks in Antiquity

From ancient Egypt to Rome and beyond, locks were used to secure and protect belongings and possessions. The warded lock was a common type of lock used throughout antiquity, and its type of function is still in use today.

All-metal locks have been reported to be used as early as the mid 800s a.d. Romans were known for keeping records of their existence, which led historians to discover that Romans wore the keys to their locks as necklaces or as rings. The metal locks Romans used were for doors or chests.

The Industrialization of Locks

Through the 18th and 19th centuries, locks got an upgrade. As technology advanced, so did lock mechanisms. The advancements added security to possessions and belongings stored behind a locked door or beneath a locked lid. Over the course of about 200 years, America began manufacturing and producing their own locks, which led to more exportation of locks than importation.

The modern pin tumbler lock was birthed during the Industrial Revolution. An American physician, Abraham O. Stansbury, holds the patent for the earliest version of the double-acting pin tumbler lock, which he secured in England in 1805. As advancements and innovation continued, the American Linus Yale, Sr. invented the pin tumbler lock in 1848.

Modern Locks

Throughout history, lock innovation and invention has created the locks we know today. As we advance into the future, locks are sure to change once again. Until then, here are 21 modern locks:

  • Keyed padlocks
  • Combination padlocks
  • TSA locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Single cylinder
  • Double cylinder
  • Lockable thumbturn
  • Jimmy-proof deadbolt
  • Knob lock
  • Lever
  • Vending (T-handle)
  • Rim Cylinder
  • Core Cylinder
  • Rim latch
  • Key in knob (KIK) Cylinder
  • Bolt style
  • Push button
  • Cam
  • Wall-mounted
  • Electronic
  • Smart



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