How secure are your home’s windows? Do you have window locks, an alarm, and anti-break glass film? In most cases, burglars target windows before they try the doors of a home. Most home doors are substantially more secure than any given window in the same home. With this in mind, how do you go about securing your windows?

In the last post of this blog series, we talked about the burglar’s active attacks on a home, and in this post, we’ll share how to secure your windows from burglary.

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How to Secure Windows From Burglary

Earlier in this blog series, we discussed the security flaws of windows and the potential ways a burglar may gain entry through your home’s windows. With this information in mind, you can begin to secure your home and its windows.

Window Locks

Most windows do not have security locks on them. The latch you see is simply to keep your window closed, but it’s not a security measure to be trusted against a burglar. You will want to utilize window security locks to ensure the safety of your family and belongings. When deciding which windows to install a lock on, consider the accessibility of each window, if there is a possibility that it can be reached, you need a security lock installed. You will also want to consider your second or third story windows, too, if they are above a section of roof.

Here are some security lock types you can take advantage of:

  • Ventilation locks
  • Hinge wedge locks
  • Locking pins
  • Keyed

If you’re not able to install window locks, consider using a dowel or other similar-shaped item to obstruct the opening function of the window. For example, you can place a rod, dowel, or other item in the track to hold the window closed, even if the latch is open.

Install Window Security Bars

You can find stylish bars to increase the aesthetic and security of your home. The bars are used to reduce access to your windows, even though your windows may not have a security lock on them. If a burglar cannot gain access to the window, they cannot break into it. This is why window security bars are so valuable.

It is possible for a burglar to beat window security bars, but it will take excessive force and quite a bit of time. In most cases, burglars do not target home’s with window bars because it increases their risk of being caught.

Reinforce and Burglar-Proof Window Glass

If your windows are already installed, you could look for security film, which reinforces the window from breaking. You can also install new windows to increase security and deter burglars from breaking into your home. Many burglaries involving windows result in broken glass, which means the more measures you can take to prevent forcible entry, the safer your home will be.

Install Plexiglass Windows

Plexiglass is an excellent choice when it comes to selecting window material. Add in security film, and the burglar will have to exert a large amount of force to even crack the window, let alone break through it. Obviously, if you choose plexiglass, you will need to replace your windows entirely. However, the hassle of replacing your windows with plexiglass and security film is worth the added security against burglars.



Install Window Alarms

Window security alarms offer a layer of added reassurance. Even though a burglar may make an attempt to break into your home, you will be notified of the issue with your window, which means you can take action to call the authorities. Audible security alarms are also great at deterring burglars. Once they burglar breaks window glass or unlocks a window, an alarm will blare loudly, which lets those in the home, the burglar, and surrounding neighbors know something is amiss. In many cases, an audible alarm stops burglaries from continuing, even though the burglar may have gained access to your home.

Install Window Shades/Shutters and Window Tint

Window shades, shutters, or tint reduces visibility into your home, which decreases the opportunity for burglars to find a motive to break in. You can find shades or shutters that aesthetically enhance your home’s look and feel while also increasing the security of your windows. In some cases, window tint can also help reduce heat transfer from the sun during spring and summer.

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