Did you know your windows are a weak point when it comes to your home’s security? A large majority of burglars target glass windows that are hidden from the street or sight to gain access to homes. Homeowners do their due diligence when it comes to securing their doors, but they tend to forget about their windows.

In the last post, we talked about the burglar’s passive attacks, and in this post we will share the active attack burglar methods.

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Why Do Burglars Target Windows?

In the last post, we discussed passive attacks on home windows. Below are the common active attacks on home windows.

Active Attacks

Opposite of passive attacks, active attempts to forcibly gain entry to your home include bypassing window lock mechanisms, breaking windows, or targeting hidden windows. It’s important to take the necessary measures to secure your windows with locks, burglar proof glass, and a security alarm system.

The Window Latch

In most windows, the latch keeps the window closed, but it does not lock it shut. There is a difference, and burglars are aware of this discrepancy in window security. Latches are relatively easy to bypass, but window locks help deter burglars from gaining entry through your windows.



Breaking Glass

If a burglar cannot make quick work of a window latch, frame, or hinges, they may resort to breaking the glass to gain entry. Typically, breaking glass occurs when the homeowners are not present so the burglar is not detected due to the noise.

It’s important to note that you may not be able to prevent a burglar from breaking the glass of your window, but you can set up a security system that alerts you to criminal activity. Installing burglar proof windows are also another security measure you can take on at least your first floor windows.

Hidden Windows

When burglars focus on a home to break into, they typically look for an obscure window that’s out of sight. Although the breaking of glass is relatively audible, it doesn’t draw a lot of attention from the neighbors or passerby. Nonetheless, a planned burglary typically involves the identification of the best entry point.

If you have any windows that cannot be seen from the road or by your neighbors, you will want to consider focusing on securing those windows first. Unfortunately, you should not rely on your neighbors to be your alarm system. Although they may be your friends, they cannot sit and watch your house like a window security system or a break-in alarm can.

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