When’s the last time you considered how secure your windows were in your home? Many homeowners do their due diligence when it comes to door locks, but many forget about their windows. Burglars are more likely to use the window as an entry point, because doors are usually locked, reinforced, and hard to break into. However, homeowners who want to increase the security of their home need to focus on their windows.

In the last post, we shared the final two window security flaws, and in this post, we’ll discuss why burglars target windows.

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Why Do Burglars Target Windows?

The simple answer is the burglar has found opportunity and is motivated to commit the crime. Nonetheless, how a burglar attempts to gain entry to your home is just as important, so you can take the appropriate measures to secure your home. There are two types of “attacks” burglars take: passive and active.

Passive Attacks

In most cases, visibility and opportunity motivate passive attacks. The accessibility of windows or visual of any external security systems allows for planning or spontaneous active attacks. However, homeowners usually don’t know when their home has been passively attacked due to the nature of the burglars actions.

Looking Through A Window

As mentioned above, one of the flaws of windows is their transparency and accessibility to burglars. Although illegal, it’s relatively easy to look through a first floor window into a home and determine if it’s worth breaking into.

Additionally, if you have an external security system that’s exposed, meaning you can see it from the street or your front yard, a burglar can make the attempt to determine the type and plan ahead to take advantage of its weaknesses.

The best course of action for window security is to reduce or block visibility and install burglar proof glass. These two actions alone will help reduce the chances a burglar targets your home.

Spontaneous Opportunity

It’s scary to think about it, but a burglar may seize an opportunity when it’s presented to them. Not all burglaries are planned, and if an open window offers access to the home, they may take it. Windows left ajar, broken, or unlocked offer opportunity to a burglar. It’s important to lock your windows, secure them, and put measures in place to alert you if a burglar makes an attempt to gain access to your home.



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