What actions are you taking to secure your home? Do you have locks on your doors? How about locks on your windows? Did you know burglars are more likely to target a window on a home to gain entry more often than a door? It’s important you understand the flaws of window security so you can keep your home, your belongings, and your family safe.

In the last post, we discussed the first two window security flaws, and in the following post, we’ll share two more ways your windows are susceptible to unwarranted entry.

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Window Security Mistakes and Flaws

Window Material

The majority of residential windows are made primarily out of glass. There are few other materials that can offer the aesthetics and functionality of glass when it comes to windows. Homeowners and builders choose glass to allow the natural elements to influence the home’s feel. Unfortunately, glass is a vulnerable material to burglary attempts. It’s relatively easy to break, and it doesn’t actively deter burglars.

You do have options, however, when it comes to window materials to increase window security for your home. Consider replacing your current windows with burglar proof windows. If this isn’t an option, than add other security elements like cameras, lights, or alarms to deter burglars from attempting to forcibly enter your home.

Window-Lock Mechanisms

It’s common to change your door locks when you move into a new home. This change is obvious because you use your doors nearly every single day. Most families don’t use their windows every day, which means window security is either last or non-existent on the list of things to do.

Locking mechanisms can be added or upgraded for most windows that open and close. Although a locking mechanism won’t prevent broken glass, it will increase security enough to deter the burglars simply looking for an unlocked window to gain entry.



Alarms and Notifications

Once you’ve installed physical security measures like locks and mechanisms, you will want to turn to alarms and notifications. Although you’ve installed burglar-proof windows, it still may not deter the criminal from making an attempt to break into your home. In this instance, you will want to have alarms, whether silent or audible to notify you and the authorities of the attempted break-in.

When homeowners go without any kind of security notifications, they place themselves and their families at risk. Time is of the essence when it comes to deterring and stopping a burglary.

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