How secure are your doors and their locks? It’s a question every homeowner should ask themselves. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about a home vulnerability when it comes to preventing burglaries: The windows.

A large majority of burglaries happen during the day and entry is forced through a window. Firstline Locksmith wants to help you, the homeowner, secure your home beyond the door locks and decrease the chance of a burglar actually making it inside. In the following blog series, we’ll discuss three defining sets of information, window security flaws, why burglars target windows, and how to secure your windows effectively.

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Window Security Mistakes and Flaws

It’s unfortunate to know that most homeowners forget or ignore the fact that their home’s windows are more vulnerable to forced entry than their front or back doors. Although burglars are committing a crime, they’re aware of how much time and money homeowners put into their doors. This means burglars tend to go for windows first. Neglecting window security simply leaves your home at risk.

Here are the major window security flaws:


When you’re shopping for, building, or upgrading a home, access to natural light is a popular desire for homeowners. Placing windows in locations where the sun can shine in on warm summer days tends to be a priority. What the majority of homeowners don’t understand is the placement of your windows creates opportunity for burglars to take advantage of their home. A burglar that can see inside a home easily offers them the opportunity to find motive to commit theft.

If a burglar can see into your home easily, they are more apt to find something they want to steal. This means those windows at the back of your house a few feet off the ground without shades are at risk to being used to forcibly gain entry into your home. You can keep your natural light, but you need to consider increasing security.

Ideally, you get the clear, clean windows that let in all the natural light you desire while still being able to protect you from dangerous individuals attempting to break in and steal your possessions.



Ease of Access

The ability to easily access a window from the exterior of your home directly affects how likely a burglar is willing to break into your home. A window a few feet off the ground and uncovered is more likely to warrant a break in than a window located on the second story of your home.

Granted, not every window in your home will be inaccessible to burglars, but being aware of which windows are easily accessible can give you motive to protect yourself. A viable option to help to increase window security is perimeter security like cameras, motion sensor lights, and alarms. You may have windows that are easily accessible, but a camera, lights, and alarms will deter a burglar from continuing their forcible entry or remove the effort entirely.

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It’s important to consider the security of your home. The door and window locks should be the first place you start. Most homeowners forget about their windows, and it isn’t until they have a break do they reevaluate their home security. Don’t wait, give Firstline Locksmith a call today! We’ve been serving Hamilton and the greater New Jersey area for more than 25 years.

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